Soul of Passion 

Soul of passion feels like a spirit rising to a higher place. Out into an open world of life. Up to its bright life. Love brings soul in peace. Open in a better moment of aliveness. Facing a passion of life. Passion can give a joy of spirit. At the brightest moments a passion gives… Continue reading Soul of Passion 


Dancing Butterflies 

  Dance the same way as if you are flying around. At a lovely day, you savor the beauty of spring and summer. Noticing the flowers blooming around so you can dance round them. Circling at its lovely here and nows. In a wink of an eye, you're dancing like picture perfect. Need a little… Continue reading Dancing Butterflies 

Making Your Destination 

Every single road will lead you to your destination. There's a journey that's related to the portion of your life. A life that you'd probably don't recognize. You're never lost when you either end up in a dead end or the light at the remnant of the tunnel. When you get to the dead end,… Continue reading Making Your Destination 

List of Favorite Things on Thanksgiving 

I set down a list of my favorite things for Thanksgiving. The list has specials on TV, food, gathering, and other affairs. Then here are lists of my favorite things for Thanksgiving: [A reminder that I don't actually eat much meat so it won't be on the list.] 1. Give Thanks 2. Macy's Thanksgiving Day… Continue reading List of Favorite Things on Thanksgiving 

Thanksgiving (Acrostic)

Thanksgiving is the fourth dimension of joy and give thanks to loved ones. Having that perfect day as a thank you to one another. At that moment each person will pass a blessing on that gathering day. Nice to enjoy the gatherings. Keeping it to barely a perfect thoughtful feeling. Season of a joyful bond.… Continue reading Thanksgiving (Acrostic)

Thanksgiving in my Own Words

  Thanksgiving is the time to give thanks to the things and people you love and care the most. Thanksgiving holds a unique beauty for fall with pumpkins, leaves, and other things. On Thanksgiving, we hold that bond and support for one another. We even support the turkey. On this day people come together to… Continue reading Thanksgiving in my Own Words