My Positive Affirmations #2

I am filled with pure joy.

I am rising confidence.

I am strong enough.

I am positive thinking.

I have a passion for my spirit.

I have the courage to be a strong individual.

I have a outstanding way to feel overpowered.

I possess a true meaning for myself.

This is what who I sincerely believe in, myself.

This is a what my life is all astir, the things, behold that powerful life.

This is what passion has behold in the blessings upon me.

This is what I really grateful for, everything I have in me.

My life has passion throughout all these years I live in.

My life experiences brought a positive feedback.

My life journey takes me further away from them.

My life has made for independence through its true colors.

I can believe myself for everything I achieved on and the things I can count on.


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