My Traveler’s Notebook 


Last month I ordered a Traveler’s notebook from Amazon. It’s from a company called Sueroom. The cost of this Traveler’s Notebook is $13.99. I also order some refillable paper for $9.00. There’s some Traveler’s Notebook that are at an affordable price. I actually love it because I can really use it for so many things.

Inside these pouches I use some cardboard, paper and satisfy it with washi tapes. I did it for decorations. I also place some sticky notes for additional notes. I set some paper clips so I can use it for bookmarking. Later on I’ll put some stickers inside.

I decorated the refillable paper with washi tapes. I attach a monthly planner, a small composition notebook, and an additional notebook that can fit inside. I use this Traveler’s Notebook for journaling, ideas, notes, etc. It causes me more organized than ever.

I decorated paper clips by using some ribbons and attach them to the top. By utilizing them, it’s a lot more easy to use.

I genuinely like to use this Traveler’s Notebook so much that I thought about getting another one later. If I get another Traveler’s Notebook then I can use one as a bullet journal and one for journaling, notes, and so on.


1 thought on “My Traveler’s Notebook ”

  1. That’s a nice journal! I may have to look into getting one as well, and I love the ribbons on the paperclips! Super cute!


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