Dancing Butterflies 


Dance the same way as if you are flying around.

At a lovely day, you savor the beauty of spring and summer.

Noticing the flowers blooming around so you can dance round them.

Circling at its lovely here and nows.

In a wink of an eye, you’re dancing like picture perfect.

Need a little sparkle in your life?

Giving that sparkling joy of all.

Butterfly, you’re sweet with dancing sparkles.

Unique to the marrow.

Taking that unique figure since you were a caterpillar.

Truly entertaining with true colors.

Encourage to challenge yourself with complete joy.

Realizing that flying is a part of dancing.

Fly with true beauty.

In the air of light you can make your way to shininess.

Exited away to the illumination.

Safe and sound with a true image. 


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