Everything About Journaling

“Journaling is a way to record your thoughts out on a single page.” What is journaling (in my own terminology)? Journaling has the style to express yourself by the use of your thoughts. Your thoughts will take over by writing it out on a single page. Journaling is therapeutic in so many ways. There are no… Continue reading Everything About Journaling


Meditation Mixed With Affirmations

Meditation has its sense of a relaxing mind. Meditation is like a vacation for your mind. Having your mind into a calming sensation. Affirmations have words to lighten your day. Every meaning of affirmations helps you with so many things in life. When you mixed them both together, it becomes that true moment of when… Continue reading Meditation Mixed With Affirmations

Life of Creativity

Let’s feel that creativity splashing in our precious ideas. Finding it fun and good about it. Creativity is the making of life. A person shall build up that strength among the creative character of life. Creativity is different to everyone. It arrives from all sorts of personality, traits, and everything all around. Somebody could tell… Continue reading Life of Creativity

Daily Affirmation: Positive Thinking 

I AM POSITIVE Positive is my key word. Being like a positive person shall keep my spirits up. Being positive is like feeling secure about myself. My positive world is unequaled. I use that positive thinking as a symbol for a controlling mind. Positive Thinking shall keep me living. It will abide by my lead… Continue reading Daily Affirmation: Positive Thinking 

Daily Affirmations: Finding that Blessing, Peace, and Abundance 

  I held up my blessings on a daily life. I recollect of it as that true thought of a great light. I can experience it like it can shine over me. The blessings in my lifetime will always be kept to myself at all times. Peace can engage me into a more honest world.… Continue reading Daily Affirmations: Finding that Blessing, Peace, and Abundance 

Journal Doodles

Doodling inside a journal can express a creative side of life. It's also a skillful way to think or stragized what to write about in a journal. I am going to share some of the doodles I made while journaling. I learn about doodling inside a journal from the past. It's great to do that.… Continue reading Journal Doodles