Fifteen Ways to Use a Notebook

Notebooks are really respectable to use. It’s the best for writing down so many affairs. A notebook can be in good use. Sometimes a person holds an empty notebook and don’t know what to do with a empty notebook. I set down a list of ways to use a notebook. Some of them are actually quite familiar.

“An empty notebook has to fill up with unique things.

  A notebook can be joy of writing things down. 

  A notebook will be use wisely.”

1. Bullet Journal/Planner

2. Ideas

3. Goals


5. Writer’s Notebook

6. Poems

7. Rough Draft

8. Doodling/Drawing

9. Carry a small notebook everywhere just in case

10. Grocery Lists

11. Bible Journal

12. Meditation

13. Food Journal

14. Workouts

15. Medical (Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Etc.)


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