She’s Always Be Miss Perfect


She’s like to keep things straight and orderly at all times.

Hoping to catch a perfectly clean spot.

Eager to keep her life style to its organization.

She stands by her true significance.

At home, she enjoys neatness all around.

Loving that perfect style of life.

Wishing that others would be like her.

Again and again she’ll keep things clean and clean, especially when someone else has already used them.

Years and years she’ll invariably be that same perfect person.

She doesn’t care what others say to her about being perfect.

Being her true self is always the perfect manner for her.

Enter into a hopeful, loving way to feel that perfect.

Moment too soon to realize that she believes that she had OCD.

Incredibly she’s doesn’t have OCD.

She can actually stand up for herself.

She really believes in her true self.

Perfect as always she’ll be that way.

Even if she has to do it over and o’er again.

Right up her heels on a lovely day her true companion is always on her position.

Face to face with supplies and other things it can help her out with everything.

Encourage her to abide out.

Core at the blink of her delighted eyes.

This is what she’ll always be Miss Perfect. 


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