Journal Doodles

Doodling inside a journal can express a creative side of life. It’s also a skillful way to think or stragized what to write about in a journal. I am going to share some of the doodles I made while journaling. I learn about doodling inside a journal from the past. It’s great to do that. Doodling is one of the best pieces of journaling.


Doodling doesn’t always be that perfect all the time. Doodling is what you execute with your own personality. When I stop writing and there’s naught else to write about I doodle so I can fill the page up. I’d instead fill up the page instead of leaving parts of the page blank.



The ones that I like the most is to write out a word and put doodles and coloring all around. I discovered it a year ago. Ever since I went on doing it all the time.

There’s bloggers and video bloggers who share some journal doodles. It’s a great inspiration to all of us. Doodling can be really relaxing and therapeutic. It’s fun for creativity. 



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