Setting up a Journal 


When I get near to finishing up a journal I set up another journal. It’s amazing set up a journal with the use of stickers, Washi tape, and so many things. I even print out journaling cards and quotes. When you set up a journal it can present some character and creativity. I will share in setting up my journal.

On the inside cover of my journal I’d put my name, the date that I lead off this journal, and the date that I finished. I also added things like on this one stickers and print out journaling cards.



On some of the pages in my journal I use stickers, Washi tapes, and print out journaling cards to decorate the pages. I sometimes use cutouts from coloring books and magazines. I decorate the first half of the pages, some of the middle of the pages, and the final half of the end of the pages. Every now and then while writing in a journal I decorate some of the pages with a collage.

On the last few pages I write down lists of things. In my previous journals I wrote down the list of movies I watch and the books I read. For this one I added music and TV. I will simply put down the list of music that I just added to my playlist and the lists of new TV shows and maybe new seasons.

In the last couple of pages I attach and envelope and reached a pocket to keep loose things on like receipts, notes, and other things. 

I’ll post some more on placing up a journal later on.

Happy Journaling!!!!


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