Meditation Mixed With Affirmations

Meditation has its sense of a relaxing mind. Meditation is like a vacation for your mind. Having your mind into a calming sensation. Affirmations have words to lighten your day. Every meaning of affirmations helps you with so many things in life. When you mixed them both together, it becomes that true moment of when you can relax your mind and start your day off properly.

I use the combination of meditation with affirmations because it’s the best mode to soothe my mind and listening to those powerful affirmations to start my day off right. I only meditate by using the videos on YouTube and downloading them from iTunes and Google Play. I use them with headphones on because it’s way better to use so there’s won’t be any distractions.

One of my favorite videos to listen to on YouTube is The Honest Guys. The Honest Guys have guided meditation, affirmations, and uplifting. The videos that I listen to while meditating are really beneficial and highly recommend to use if anyone who like to meditate.

If any of you know I don’t meditate without music or words because it’s difficult for me to concentrate on meditation. Using the videos and audio really helps me concentrate. I can relax more and start my day off correctly.


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