How These Diarist Taught Me?

These diarist and journal writers taught me a whole lot. Fiction or real life people they inspire me and taught me more about the use of writing their ideas and other things down. Even in movies, books, and TV shows (especially a cartoon show) have these amazing characters who use a diary. Diaries and journals are the exact same thing. They both receive the power to record everything down. It’s a way to jot down your daily life and casting your thoughts out onto each single page inside.

During her time while hiding during World War II Anne Frank uses a diary. She saw her diary as the only friend. The friend that can hold on her daily thoughts in secret. It’s like writing a letter and that person react in silent. Anne nickname her diary “Kitty”. Anne Frank taught me that at that hardest moment of your life you can use a journal as a helping hand. Also consider a diary as a genuine friend who can keep secrets at all times. Nicknaming a diary can be amazing, I managed it in the past before.

Zlata Filipovic wrote in her diary during her the Yugoslav War while staying in Sarajevo. She was called “the Anne Frank of Sarajevo”. Due to that she and Anne Frank had the same issues, but Zlata didn’t hide and get caught like Anne did. Zlata calls her diary “Minny”. Her journal was published and she’s now a writer. Zlata Filipovic taught me the same way as Anne Frank does. Zlata appeared in documentary films and forward in “The Freedom Writers Diary”.

Anais Nin use her journal for publishing. She wrote essays, short stories, and erotica. Anais taught me more or less the purpose of writing differently no matter what. Everyone who writes use their writing different than ever.

While struggling with a mental illness Sylvia Plath journals her way to publish poems and short stories. She was known for publishing a book called “The Bell Jar”. She taught me about the role of writing while living with mental illness. People with mental illness use writing to cope with their matters.

Sylvia Plath isn’t the alone one that uses a diary while having mental illness, Susanna Kaysen uses a journal while being in an intuition of self-harm. She later brought out her memoir “Girl, Interrupted”. It was later made into a movie. The movie seems more fictional. In the movie I like about most is when Susanna uses her journal to write every thought out of her mind. She taught me about writing down before, during, and after recovery you can still balance a life and later on you can dream big.

Bridget Jones is a fictitious character in the franchise “Bridget Jones’s Diary”. In the beginning she’s a single woman and works as a publisher and later work as a TV sponsor. Bridget is obsessed with self-help books. She uses her diary to record her daily life and love interest. She first dated a lawyer and later on dated an American. She had a baby in the 2016 movie “Bridget Jones’s Baby” and don’t know which two guys is the father. It will be revealed later. At the conclusion of the movie she got married. She instructed me on whether life takes you including a love interest you can use a diary to write it out.

In “The Princess Diaries” Mia wrote in her diary on her way to another country after being crowned as a princess. In the beginning she discovered that she’s a Princess. Mia has to work hard to be an actual Princess. She taught me on whoever you’re truly are on the inside and out you can use a journal to write out so many things in life.

In a cartoon TV show “As Told by Ginger” Ginger use her journal to write out her daily life. She narrates her life by the habit of her diary. The display is packed with real life characteristics. Ginger taught me about when there’s good and bad things in life you have to narrate your life by writing it down.

Through it all I’ve found out so many things about writing so many things down. Journaling keeps me going all the way. It makes me feel like a genuine writer.

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