Seeing is Believing 


Seeing is believing with true trust.

Entering a mind full of things to believe in.

Encouraging a thoughtful mind which is full of surprises.

In a blink of an eye you can visualize the magic.

Noticing a bright shining light coming towards you.

Getting that bond of life to trust in.

In that brightly scene you can visualize it in your eyes.

Seeing that magic beneath you.

Believing that it could be genuine.

Eager to understand it to a greater extent.

Loving life in that caring moment.

In between, you can sincerely believe in that true moment.

Entering that path through the open road.

Venture into a walking length.

In that way you can find that believing magic.

Noticing from that point of view you can really believe in.

Going along that way of life so you can see to believe in. 


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