Journal Flip Through: October 21, 2016 – February 1, 2017

 I am going to share some of the things that I do in my journal. I am merely going to do some of the pages. The journal that I did only take about three-in-a-half months to finish. The last time I finished a journal that long was last year. Finishing a journal depends on the page, size, and how many times you journal. I now journal two to three times daily. Sometimes I write more. Sometimes less depends on doing other things. 

On the inside cover I wrote my name and the dates of when I start and finish this journal. I use stickers and washi tapes to decorate the inside cover.

On the eve of Friday, October 21 2016 is the first entry of this journal. I wrote right before I get to bed. I use a Papermate InkJoy Gel Pen and when I get to the next page I use a different pen due to that the Papermate InkJoy Gel Pen is not good to use on the thin pages in this journal.

Most of the entries are about quotes. I wrote the quotes out and write about it in my own words. The quotes about Sylvia Plath’s journals are really my most favorite quotes.

On some nights right before I go to bed, I wrote some haikus down. It’s real good to do that especially when I had nothing else to write about.

Sometimes when I listen to a podcast I jot down notes and write around it.


I cut out things from magazines and glue them on the page. I also use the sample scent to attach it and then my journal will smells good. I apply some of the magazine clips as journal entries.


I put some drawings and doodles in my journal, even if I still write or thinking about what to write about.

I use some of the pages from a coloring book and attach it to one of the pages in my journal. 

When I get in a bad mood, I simply write it all down instead of doing something else that’s really bad.

I attach wrapper from food and drinks that I like on the pages and sometimes write about it.

On some days if I don’t have anything else to write about I jot down lists of things.

Whenever there’s a good book to read, I write a review.

Morning Pages are an entry that you just write at least three pages on exactly about anything when you first get up. I started it a few weeks ago and I love it.

In the last few pages of my journal I wrote a list of books that I read. I also put down a list of movies I watched.

On the last page I made a pocket and attached an envelope so I can put loose things inside. 

I published some articles on Medium if you want to read them. Here’s the link to that:

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