A Story Beyond


There’s a story everywhere. Everyone has a story, particularly from their own little mind. The story can be about anything at all. It’s different, probably not even the same. A story requires some strength and power to complete. A story can be discovered or heard all over.

When you know about a story, a story can bring up so many issues. A story can come up into so many facts on everything. Forming into so many personalities that can bring a story into a unique physique. Every story has a beginning, middle and end. There’s everything in between that can make a complete story.

When you find out about other people’s stories like a blog or an article you see a story that can make you happy, sad, and so many feelings. A blog and article has a topic for a narration. Seeing it like it’s interesting for you to read. After you finish reading a blog or article you see a story in your very own point of view. Reading it brings a life opening up to your eyes. 

A book is the same as reading a blog or article. A book, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction it has a story to narrate. As a child, you can listen to a storybook by a person who read it. The storybook had words and impressions. As you got older and knowing how to read a book you can image the scenes in your mind. It’s like seeing a video. 

A music feels like a story to narrate. There are lyrics to each song that narrates a story. You listen to every word of that lyric and the music in the background that’s goes along with the lyric. Instrumental music also has a story to narrate. When the instrumental music plays you can feel the music and think of it as a story of the use of the title or album. 

Movies and TV shows have a story. There are some that are based off a book. Sometimes it feels a lot different. When you read a book that’s later will be a movie of a TV show you image every scene. When the movie and TV show come out you see it the same but actually different on some portions. Each episode of a TV show has a different story. Some of the episodes comes in parts. Even if the end of an episode has a cliffhanger every episode has a different story to narrate.

When you write a story, journaling, or anything else you’re reciting a story or feel like telling a story. Journaling is like narrating a story but it’s only for your eyes. You even read some of the journals in the past and you imagine that you’re telling a story simply for yourself. Writing can bring a story to its masterpiece. Many writers can make up a story and then put it all in all. They too carry a notebook so they can jot down things and later use it for their story.

A story can convey so many feelings into a person’s life. It has to have a conclusion. That conclusion is the final stage of the story. It’s a way to close a book and possibly open up a new one. 

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