This Is Her Diary 

It is a visual diary of her life. Her diary is not enlightenment. Her diary takes that power of life against her daily lifespan. A diary brings her soul to a standard power. She can write in her diary like there’s no tomorrow. Like getting a story to life. She pens her own personal stories in her diary. 

When she goes somewhere she carries her diary in her handbag. When she needs something to jot down or needed to write she can use it. She never goes anywhere without her diary. Her diary is like a reliable friend. A guidebook that can be on her side at all times. Like owning a small security blanket. 

She can be a good thinker by using her diary to explore her thoughts with big ideas. She can imagine about these ideas in her head and jot them down onto a single page. When she uses her diary, she feels like a truthful writer. She also feels like she’s publishing a book or something. She can feel a lot more delicate by the economic consumption of her diary. 

A diary with no drawings or doodles can feel a little less empty with her creative role. She can add so features like doodling, stickers, photos, collage, and other affairs. It can put some unique character inside her diary. Her diary can be fun with loads of things inside. Looking at her diary, she sees lots of pattern, specially when she kept all of her diaries in a safe place. 

She’s made some unique thoughts when she writes in her diary. She can write all the way to the closing.


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