Life Through Books


[ Inspire on a “We Heart It” collection: ]

When she read a book she gets lost to the world around her. Her mind focused on the book she reads. A book can be a part of her true figure and everything else. Reading a book can her true guidebook to a different world. She can know every detail from the books she have read. Making her feel like that the world against parts of different lives can be used by reading a book.

A book to her has that feeling like she’s doing it for a school assignment. Recognizing what the assignments are. Understanding each and every detail. Trying to the best she can. She then completes the book like finishing a school assignment. The valuations of the books she read are sometimes like grading these assignments.

The books on the shelf represents the books that she already read. She looks at them as a guide to a different journey of a lifetime. There’s a few books piled up on the nightstand. The books on the nightstand are the ones that she’s fixing to read. The one along the top is the one that she’s currently reading.

When she goes somewhere she takes a book with her. She reads on a public transit if the ride is more than ten minutes. While waiting for an appointment, she reads. When she gets on her lunch break at work she either goes to the park nearby to read on a nice weather or she stays inside. Sometimes while going out to places she listens to an audiobook with her earphones on.

At night before bedtime, she reads. She even fall asleep while reading a book. Sometimes wakes up in the morning with a book on top of her. Reading a book late at night makes her relax in serenity.

Her life through a bundle of books takes that special feeling into her. It can represent everything about her. 


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