Stars in the Night Sky

Stars in the night sky have that picture perfect view through that pattern. Taking so many of them lighten up the dark sky like sparkling dots. As the night goes by, you can see a shooting star. Raging that point of view in just a mindset of that perfect time. Seeing the stars is like… Continue reading Stars in the Night Sky

Unique Flowers

  Unique and lovely there's flowers that can form in a much more pleasant manner. Noticing the true beauty of visiting each flower in just a perfect start. Incredibly, each and every flower can bloom into a unique pattern. Quite remarkable for each and every unique flower with a sense a touch. Unique in just… Continue reading Unique Flowers

Julia: The New Character on Sesame Street 

Julia is a character living with autism. In 2015 she was introduced on Sesame Street and Autism. On March 19, 2017 Julia makes her first appearance on 60 Minutes when they talk more about her. Julia appears in a series of YouTube videos in March of 2017. She also has a walk-around at The Autism… Continue reading Julia: The New Character on Sesame Street 

Life of Coloring

  Coloring is a direction to bring creativity to a relaxing state. When you color it soothes the mind. Relaxed you in such a perfect manner. Coloring can be that relaxing escape. Bringing that good feeling of coloring inside the lines of an art. It's good fun for all ages.  Creativity can be honorable, and… Continue reading Life of Coloring