A Thousand Thoughts

There are a thousand of thoughts in your mind. So many to chose from. Thoughts are like a Powerlifting soul taking over you. Mainly, those Powerlifting souls can get those thousand thoughts with them. Your thoughts can take on so many personalities in your delighted mind.

These thoughts in your head are like a thinking pattern. Making sure if these thoughts are good or bad. Every bad thought can be brought away. Most of these thoughts you just want to let it all out.

Each thought comes from a unique form. Every one of them is different from one after another. Putting that standard into its told. A thousand thoughts can alter dramatically in that form of a different perspective. It’s like there’s voices inside your head telling you to do something.

These thousand thoughts don’t need to stay in your head all the time. All you want to do is just let it all out every one of these thousand thoughts. Writing it down is the best direction. Writing every single thoughts down is so much better even when there’s the good, the bad, and the ugly. After you write it down you’ll save it in a safe place. You may read them later on, maybe a few years and you’ll see it how you can put a thousand thoughts out of your head an onto paper.

A thousand thoughts feels like a thousand memories in your mind. In most cases you’ll forget about it and move on with your daily life. You’ll just that a normal person with a thousand thoughts in your mind.

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