One Year Anniversary 

On Thursday, March 10, 2016 I open this blog. The reason for that is because I wanted to share my writings and grow as a writer. On this one year anniversary of starting this blog, I have grown more. I today have over sixty-five followers, over a hundred likes so far, and amazing comments. As of this one year anniversary I posts over 115 posts. I will share the things that I use to help out with my writing for this blog and other affairs.


For a rough draft I use some notebooks. I sometimes count out the number of words I penned. On top of the page I put down the date to send. On this blog site they have a schedule posts date. It’s actually good to do that. 

Sometimes I typed a rough draft on my iPad under “Word Count” app. “Word Count” app is free on iTunes. It’s an app that shows you the numbers of words, lines, and charts. I use that after I completed the rough draft or just do the rough draft on that app. It’s also beneficial for other things like in freelance writing and posting articles.

There’s another that I use to find out errors like grammar, punctuation, and spelling. It’s called: “Ginger Page: English Grammar, & Spell Checker + Translator”. The cost is $3.99 on iTunes. It’s highly recommend to writers. I typed or either copy and paste it on the app and they demonstrate the correction and when you click on a check button it can show you the correct choices on each sentence. I’m loving the app so far. Without that I’ll experience some horrible reviews like needing to check grammar and other things.

I published some articles on a couple of web sites. One of the articles is on The Mighty. There’s at least a few to Medium. The connection of these two sites is on the about page on this blog site. I tried to put out some articles in Thought Catalog but unable to publish. Perhaps later on I try to send it to one of the Thought Catalog Writers (they encourage you to do that). 

Hopefully in the near future, I can grow more as a writer and perhaps publish a book. Thank you for reading my posts on this blog and I will get more into this. 


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