Stars in the Night Sky

Stars in the night sky have that picture perfect view through that pattern.

Taking so many of them lighten up the dark sky like sparkling dots.

As the night goes by, you can see a shooting star.

Raging that point of view in just a mindset of that perfect time.

Seeing the stars is like finding out that peaceful sunset.

In such a lovely night the stars are like a wishing well, unless it’s a shooting star going by.

Noticing that shooting star in just a nick of time.

Taking it’s joy in just a standard of life.

Hoping that a shooting star will at one time again comes passing by.

Enjoying that perfect night looking at the stars.

Nice and better when it’s around the moon and the weather is nice.

Into a billion of stars are those bright spots, carrying over the sky. 

Going into a fresh start at night.

Having to sparkle up the night.

Taking over so many individuals who watches the stars in the sky.

Seeing the soul of each and every one while looking at the stars.

Keeping their minds into that standard of life.

Years can go by and the stars in the night sky are still the same. 


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