7 More Characters Living With Autism 

In April of last year I put down a list of characters living with autism. I am now going to put down seven more characters. In the list, there’s suspicion of the spectrum and other affairs. There’s also one character from a video game. Here’s are the seven characters living with autism.

1. Gabrielle Jacobs – Shortland Street

Gabrielle is the head of surgery and later the head of neurology unit at the Shortland Street Hospital. She also has Asperger Syndrome.

2. Astrid Farnsworth – Fringe

Astrid is autistic who works as an FBI Agent, Fringe Agent, and Lab Assistant. She holds a BA in Music and Linguistics. She also a minor in Computer Science.

3. Oskar Schell – Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Oskar has Asperger Syndrome. He’s interested in virtually everything. He also writes letters to famous people to share his ideas.

4. Abed Nadir – Community 

Others were suspected that Abed has Asperger Syndrome. He’s generally loved by all.

5. Sugar Motta – Glee

Sugar Motta described herself as a self-diagnosed individual with Asperger Syndrome who can do whatever she wants. She’s a highly offensive stereotype person.

6. Det Sonya Cross – The Bridge

Sonya has Asperger Syndrome. Her diagnosed is especially acknowledged by the production of the show.

7. River Wyles – To The Moon

In the video game River Wyles was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder. Much easier of the game’s story revolves round her husband and peers adaptation to it.  


2 thoughts on “7 More Characters Living With Autism ”

  1. The movie Joyful Noise has a very accurately depicted teen boy with Aspergers. This movie revolves around a gospel music competition. The movie Dear John, based on the Nicholas Sparks book, has two Aspergers characters; the main character’s father, and a young boy. The U.K. miniseries The A Word features the family of a 5 year old boy with autism.

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