Hide in Pain

In a world when there’s depression and anxiety taking over you. You experience the pain physically and mentally. Hiding that pain is all you can manage. Hiding that pain won’t help you open up about it. Feeling like you’re inside a shell and you can’t come out.

You feel like you’re isolated in that depressive lifestyle. It can take you away from the things you’d love, care, and cherish the most. The pressure in you takes the told into a self-harmful world. Feeling like you’re being scarred for life.

You’re alone inside a shell. That shell puts you into the world, leaving the levels of your anxiety at the top of the bar. That shell keeps you in hiding from the outside world. Putting your life away lock up without the knowledge to ever get out of it.

One day you desire to change. You write all the thoughts in your head down. There’s some support system in your life you want to open up on. You want to come out of that shell. Controlling your depression and anxiety as best as you can. In the meantime, you free from isolation. Free into a world of life. It’s like being reborn once more.


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