Morning Pages

Morning Pages are a way to just turn out your mind of thoughts go free. All you have to do is to write out three pages of anything that’s on your mind. There’s no need to think about what you are going to write about. You simply write out three pages, even if you have to write “I can’t write”, “Three pages”, or write the same things over and over again. 

When you write three pages of morning pages it can devote you that good positive mind throughout your day. It can also give you that good thinking. The more you write down, the better. 

I’ve written morning pages for over a month. Morning Pages gives me that positive thought of mind. Putting me into a much more thinking pattern. Making me that better person every single day.

I first write morning pages the first thing I get up in the morning. I do not do anything, not even getting out of my bed. I always set my journal in my nightstand drawer so I can get it from my bed. When I start to write morning pages I always put today’s date and then just write about anything until I complete three pages. 

Examples of writing down Morning Pages:

– Previous day

– What to do today

– Goals

– Feelings

– Life

– Favorites

Examples of things you can’t write:

– Don’t know what to write

– Can’t write

– Three pages

– All I need is to write a little bit more

– Writing is good for you

– I love to journal


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