Journal Flip Through (February 1 – March 30)

This is the journal flip through from February 1 to March 30, 2017. It took me nearly two months to finish this journal. 

On the inside cover I put my name and the dates of when I start and finish with this journal.

I actually did morning pages as always. Sometimes I skipped some days because I didn’t have time to do them. It’s okay to do that.

I add some collage inside, including when it gets near to the end of the journal I put some more.

I use cutouts from coloring books, washi tapes, and stickers to decorate the pages.

On some of the pages I wrote a word and I color or doodle around each letter.

On some of the pages I wrote some quotes big, even if I had to be in a hurry to finish a journal.

I put down a list of music, movies, and books that I listen, watch, and read during the time I use this journal.

At the end of each journal I glue an envelope and made a pouch to put loose items in. 


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