A Rainbow of Life


A rainbow has a beauty through those seven colors that can involve over the sky.

Rainbow has colors that can sparkle up the luminance from the sky.

A composition of a rainbow can bring a part of life into it’s joyful moments.

Incredibly beautiful a rainbow can get over that brighten feeling through that sparkle of life.

Notice something from each portion of the rainbow that can make it so unique in every detail.

Blue from the rainbow can take a sea of a relaxing figure.

Orange and yellow take the brightest parts of the rainbow.

With each and every color of the rainbow has a unique personality they can stand out altogether.

Outside the window someone will discover the rainbow and think that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Figuring it out that there’s no pot of gold, but the rainbow is beautiful.

Life can fly by the imagination of a rainbow.

In that lovely start you can easily trace out a rainbow.

For a rainbow, it’s exactly a perfect rainbow.

Eager to stand out as long as possible.


3 thoughts on “A Rainbow of Life”

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