“Everything, Everything” Review 

I’ve read the entire book “Everything, Everything” in a few days. It was really good. Suddenly I couldn’t put the book down. I would love to read this book once more. I’ll have to read it again later. The reason I read this book is because I saw the preview of the movie. I download the book right away on my e-reader and begin to read. [This review contains spoilers.]

The book is about a girl named Maddy, who can’t be outdoors due to an illness falls in love with her next door neighbor who just moved in. His name is Olly. Olly has to handle with his abusive father and is close to his mother and sister. 

Maddy had an illness in which she’s allergic to outdoors. She has a nurse named Carla who cares for her demands. She also had to be homeschooled. Her home is her bubble. Maddy is close to her mother and always have their actual mother and daughter night. Maddy’s father and brother passed away when she was little. 

When Maddy and Olly first met through their body language through their bedroom window. And then they started to email each other. Maddy has to explain to Olly that she’s sick and she can’t go outside. Carla lets Maddy and Olly see each other in the sunroom unless if they are apart from each other and no touching. 

Maddy saw Olly’s father abuse him through the window. She went outside to them and said “Stop”. Maddy’s mother Dr. Whittier ran after her. Olly urged her to go back inside and Dr. Whittier takes Maddy back inside. Maddy explains to her mother that they were online friends. Dr. Whittier discovered that Carla lets Olly in her house. 

Dr. Whittier fired Carla and Maddy wasn’t allowed to use the internet after three. She simply has to use it for classwork. In between her and Olly email each other. Olly also sent pictures of his school to Maddy. It made Maddy feel like that she’s in the school. 

Maddy wants to go away so she wanted to see the outside world for the first time. She got out of the house and meet up with Olly. She explains to him that she bought plane tickets to Hawaii. They got onto the rooftop at Olly’s house where Olly goes all the time. He shows Maddy what he was working on. 

They later went to Hawaii. In Hawaii Maddy and Olly stayed at a hotel that has a Murphy bed. They have a good time getting to the beach, eating at restaurants, and jump off into the water. Maddy began to get sick and was rushed to the hospital. Dr. Whittier came after Olly called her to pick up Maddy. She explains to Maddy about not having to be outside.

At home, Maddy continues to routine before she met Olly. She stops emailing him due to the fact that she wants her life to be like before she came across him. The physician in Hawaii email Maddy and told her that she doesn’t have an illness. Maddy has to go through the files and didn’t catch anything about her diagnosis. She just sees an article about her illness. 

Dr. Whittier brings Carla back. Maddy explains everything to her. Carla took some blood sample from Maddy and sent to a specialist. The specialist explains to Maddy that she doesn’t suffer any illness but she has a problem with her immune system. Dr. Whittier believes that Maddy has an illness. After Maddy’s father and brother died Maddy was hospitalized. Maddy’s mother doesn’t want to lose her and then she thinks that Maddy has an illness and kept her inside.

Ever since Maddy learn that she wasn’t sick Carla told her that she doesn’t need her and she wanted to work at a hospital. Maddy wants to be close to Carla. At the end of the book Maddy and Olly reunited at a used bookstore. 

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