Life can cherish the power through moments

Source: Pixabay

There’s a limited place to cherish the moment. A person shall live one moment at a time. They can experience everything that they can achieve on. Finding that hope for that better start. Through it all they can look forward to so many things. Believing in that power of life. Opening their true feelings in that thoughtful world. Accepting everything that they learn in all those years whatever they go.

A true value of power that can cherish every step at a time. Leading to that ability against a person’s will. They can understand that power of life. It can be bound to their delighted souls. Their precious souls can take that keepsake upon their hearts and intellect. Taking that part into so many arenas. Feeling like there’s their very own true story that can take it to their souls. They shall end it with the speech that can power them forever.


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