Women Power: The Life on Strong Women

“I’m a woman phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that’s me.”  – Maya Angelou

A woman can receive the courage to have that strong-bearing life. A woman can be phenomenal on everything that they wanted to. They can possess their own-ability to stand up and choose their own rights. It doesn’t matter what others intend a woman should deal with their own life only for themselves and also for other women around. They accept to believe in their true selves on it. 

What can a woman do to attain their own rights?

A woman has to fight for their own rights by standing up and take that lead. A standing ovation can put a much stronger side to every woman’s affection. Demanding on every tier for them a woman can balance that standard of life and speak for themselves. They could urge on others to stand up for themselves. They can find that path to proceed. Looking for a better dream like a career for an instance.
Leadership puts a woman in a standing moment. Handing out to contend for their rights. They can really count on a woman’s right to work, education, and everything else. Leadership is what a woman should do in order to contend for their rights. 

Finding a voice and having something to say.

A voice can be heard everywhere, including through a woman’s point of thought. Finding a voice is what constitutes a woman to abide out. Their voice is the theatrical role of fighting for a woman’s right. Looking at so many women who utilize their voice representing a woman’s right, they speak out of their hearts and mind. Each word that they use takes that standing power against women all over. 

Live without failure.

Failure is not an impression. When a woman said that they’d give up they not merely give up for themselves, they give up for other women around. Giving up is a total failure. When a woman doesn’t want to feel they continue to stand out for their rights no matter what. A woman shall fight without failure and always will make out that all the way.

Confidence through beauty.

A woman sees their confidence through beauty. Every woman has different body types. Every size and looks are a component of a woman’s life. When there’s negative things that said about a woman’s figure a woman should think that using this negativity is not an alternative. Any woman should love themselves who they genuinely are. Confidence stands out through every woman’s right. It’s the role of what a woman is. 

A suitable career and education.

In the past a woman’s job was to take care of the house like cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. later on women takes a stand to fight for their rights to sustain a career. During the war in the 1940s while men are at war women have jobs in positions where men work. Later, the war has ended many women have to leave jobs. Subsequently, women take that stand to fight. In many places like government for an instance you see men working there and very few women. All the way until today there’s so many women with suitable careers and plenty more to get.

A woman also wants to contend for their education. College is the most thing that a woman desires in order to reach their goals. In the past a woman when they achieve their adult life should take care of the household. All the way until today women can further their education through college. You see amazing women out there having a high point like an MBA or a doctorate degree. Looking at young women in several countries they have to quit school at a young age. There’s now young women who take that stand to fight for every girl out there to eat up their education so they can have that passion for their future. 

Everything about a dependable woman.

A woman shall defend themselves against their will. There’s that positive image that a woman should have: courage, strength, and bravery. Courage puts a solid lot of movement when a woman stands up and taking that lead. Strength builds a woman upwards. Bravery is what a woman fights for. They can work hard for achievement. Finding that serious thinking through their visual aspect. They can ask themselves “can I do this” or “I got this”. When they ask themselves questions they simply use it as a want to stay strong and fight for themselves.

Achievement has made a woman proud of managing it. They simply have to find a way to reach up to that achievement level themselves. They can have that power to stand up through their toughest times to get to it. It doesn’t matter whether you earn an award or not it’s that perfect way to sustain that achievement for yourself. 

An uplifting power to experience a woman’s need to be that better person. Feeling that power on an uplifting journey. They can express that wisdom and resentment. Be that serious thinker. Awaiting for a better way to deal with things. Everything around can put a woman’s knowledge to the test. 

A woman has to crawl before they walk. Take small steps ahead. Looking into their goals and passion so they can reach for the top. They simply have to believe in themselves to do that. 


3 thoughts on “Women Power: The Life on Strong Women”

  1. I found your blog on the 10 Minute Novelist Facebook page. I love your premise about strong women and enjoyed this piece. My own tag line is “A Bohemian Southern Belle author, empowering strong women through prose and poetry.”
    I will be adding your blog to my list of sites that empower women. http://www.georgiajanet.com.


  2. I discovered your post on The 10 Minute Novelist Facebook Page. I will ne adding it to my list of sites that empowers strong women. My own site tag line is “A Bohemian Southern Belle author, empowering strong women through prose and poetry.” Always glad to find another strong woman writer! http://www.georgiajanet.com


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