A Brief Affirmation

Words through an affirmation shall take that creative side of the mind. Feeling the need to open up in that genuine power. Putting some thoughts into that perfect meaning. Seeing these affirmations is like a spirit is rising above and determine these three words that shall go along with it. It shall put out all of these true meaning into the wonderfulness of life.

Life shall take some advantage of that natural flow into that freely moment. Living in that freedom through wisdom and ability. Observing the body and mind in such a blessed way. Creating that energy from the inside and out. Feeling so alive in the world. The world shall bring that expression all around.

The physical structure and mind shall focus on a solution through that delightful life. Nourishing everything all at formerly.

There’s that creative side that can depart into that perfect knowledge. Shining that life through confidence. Having that positive turn into that good feeling of gratitude. Awaiting for that soothing power all the way through. 


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