A Jolly Spirit of the Holidays

The holiday’s indeed make the joys and laughter around. Putting the jingle bells at it’s ringing of all. Making the holidays into a wonderful liveliness. Putting peace and joy to it’s shining moments. The feel of the holidays puts that true feeling into the happiness of all.

Holiday oh holiday what will I do to you at this special time a year. You get to my day so swell and dwell. Making my day feeling so right. With wonders goodies waiting for me. That I can jump for joy.

The liveliness of time with family and friends the time we’re shouting for joy. Giving that jolly life a very good figure. Wishing that we can savor it every day. Each day of the holidays makes the best of us. We can sing along with a great feeling of the soul.

Ah, we can feel the holidays dazzling with treats and a song to whistle. Making us caroling around with complete happiness. We jingle all the way to joy to the world. We simply couldn’t stop caroling around until we’re tired of our souls. We connect ourselves to that brightness of the holiday lights. Arriving at its glow through the our sparkling eyes.

We call up the bells and dazzling our souls, the holidays won’t be complete with a special ending. Well done to you and everyone else involved:


Truly, The joyful soul to all.

P.S.: Don’t let the holiday fool you.


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