A Story Brings Everything Around

A story will convey that joy into a person’s life. For a story that shall open up into a unique figure. Requiring so many things and put it altogether.

Everyone has a different story. A story will bring that humanity altogether. Making it a lot more common than ever. In general every person will create their own story in any way. It’s like there’s no “yes or no” answer.

To those who tell their own stories can make the best stories come out in a more beneficial way. Their own story will let their personality shines.

There’s that metaphor inside a story. Bringing out that more delicate side of life. A metaphor in a story will discover its way in a human species.

A story will take an opposite side of reality into that pure distance. Discovering the facts about it. Reality could take part in a story.

There’s that moment of life when a storytelling facts reveal a little bit of something going around. Placing it into an unbelievable cause. Nothing can get hold of that storytelling moment into a whole different level.

Ruling the world is one thing. It’s also to those who wanted to narrate their own story. A story can be made in so many ways.

Inside a story, there’s some neat adventures. The adventures that can contain some better opportunity to rise up.

Life sets a story into a whole new meaning. A story can take place all over. Experiencing it as that empowerment. An empowerment puts a story into a different meaningfulness of life. Taking that advantage all over. Building it like there’s something to rise up on.

A story will change the universe with that better quality. That quality opens a story into a much larger value. Feeling like there’s some changes going around.

Looking beyond a story can contain that pressure of life. Each and every story has so many chapters to look forward to. Letting it flow all the way to the conclusion.


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