Random Thoughts: Purpose of Life & Self Loving Care

A purpose of life implies a controlling moment. In a moment where life can be that bittersweet for that pure pleasure. Things in life shall take so many matters all the way through. Finding that strength to take it a lot more further.

Life will open up with that loving care. Believing into that self-esteem. It will be seen as that truthful moment. Feeling like putting up that message. That message can listen to over and over again. Feeling that love of warmth, of joy. That loving joy will then be guided through.

A piece of life will have it still against that loving heart. It will cherish it all the way. Feeling like there’s that empowerment to embrace that true beauty of a perfect balance.

Looking onward, there’s that pure faith that can open up into that rambling world. Thinking of it as a clear moment to shine out. It’s like looking ahead to something more greater than ever.

A perfect knowledge will carry that strength to gather all the way. Knowing how it arrives there in the first place. Letting go of all the things that’s related to something a lot more negative than ever. Hoping that everything in that pure power will carry through.

A flash of light came forward into that starting line. That starting line will lead forward into that light. It will then be carried forward to that perfect feeling of life.

A journey will be carried the way. Balancing so many things all at one time. Trusting in that pure power. Taking it on the way.


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