I use Travelear App as an Inspiration to Write

IOS: Travelear: Listen to the World by Nicholas Culpin


This app is an audio recording of places around the world. Later on according to the replies under the comment section on iTunes App Store there will be more later on. I use this app as an inspiration to write something down. I also use it for journaling. After starting to listen to the audio for at least a few seconds I’ll let my mind flow. Imaging the surroundings and settings. Here’s are the examples of what I write. (I type it out after I made corrections on an app)

1. It’s a good day in New Orleans. There’s a festival going around. It’s filled with some jazz music. A southern style music that will never be old. Walking around, there’s people chattering and enjoying the festival. The place is filled with so many things. A lot of humming from the music. Cheering goes around as the music plays. Some of the music pieces are quite familiar. Drums are blasting out like wildfires. A banjo came marching in.

2. In Italy there’s a square orchestra playing a music piece outside while crowds are walking and viewing. Discovering the Italian-language of chatters. A lovely music piece soothes out its place. A lovely flute has played in between. A bell rings.

3. A dance party has begun in London, England. People dancing around at so many cultures. Playing music all around. Drums are added. Singing was also added in different languages. Unique cultures’ outfits are worn all around. Is there a dog barking? Looks like a dog is out there.


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