Poetry in Motion

Poetry shall carry along that true meaning of power. Open in that pure meaning. Encouragement shall carry on that poetic lifestyle. Taking that poetry in motion to the extreme. Recognizing that a poet’s mind shall flow into action. Young at life can truly consider. In a poet’s journey, something will get through. Nicely to understand… Continue reading Poetry in Motion


Peace and Harmony

Peace and harmony can take out that soothing feeling. Empowering that soulful moment. A part of life will form against two different sides. Cherish a peaceful start towards the joys of harmony. Encourage that pure sensation of power. A much better sensation to last in that freely world. Needing that soothing moment to open up… Continue reading Peace and Harmony

A Mindful Spirit

A mindful spirit shall come up beneath that pure source. Mindfulness can cherish through that very minute. In that spirited mind something can take a soothing reaction. Needing some guidance throughout that mindful life. Dancing spirits shall formed in a very unique manner. Feeling like there’s that total bond to move along with it. Unique… Continue reading A Mindful Spirit

Truly Accepted

Take that moment to accept the joys of life. Respect those true moments against dignity. Unique things in life shall be accepted into the receptive world. Loving your true self can be better than ever. Your life can be accepted to so many things. Accept that pure confidence. Confidence can brighten that day ahead. Cherish… Continue reading Truly Accepted