Daily Affirmation: Positive Thinking 

I AM POSITIVE Positive is my key word. Being like a positive person shall keep my spirits up. Being positive is like feeling secure about myself. My positive world is unequaled. I use that positive thinking as a symbol for a controlling mind. Positive Thinking shall keep me living. It will abide by my lead… Continue reading Daily Affirmation: Positive Thinking 


Daily Affirmations: Finding that Blessing, Peace, and Abundance 

  I held up my blessings on a daily life. I recollect of it as that true thought of a great light. I can experience it like it can shine over me. The blessings in my lifetime will always be kept to myself at all times. Peace can engage me into a more honest world.… Continue reading Daily Affirmations: Finding that Blessing, Peace, and Abundance 

My Positive Affirmations #2

I am filled with pure joy. I am rising confidence. I am strong enough. I am positive thinking. I have a passion for my spirit. I have the courage to be a strong individual. I have a outstanding way to feel overpowered. I possess a true meaning for myself. This is what who I sincerely… Continue reading My Positive Affirmations #2

My Positive Affirmations #1

Today I'm ramping up my strength to continue strong for myself. Today I will live that perfect life. My true figure has a positive side. My positive side has a strong meaning. I carry that strong meaning along the way. Today I'll hold my thoughts into a positive side. Taking out all the negativity and… Continue reading My Positive Affirmations #1

An Affirmation Love 

  An affirmation has a potent meaning of message to yourself. It leads you to feel like a much positive persons. You can read that message anywhere you go. Getting it into a true meaning of a powered thought. When you use affirmations you think of it as writing a letter to yourself or saying… Continue reading An Affirmation Love 

Using Positive Affirmations as a Purpose of Meditation 

I enjoy meditating a lot. It really soothes my soul and calms my mind. I only use positive daily affirmations as part of meditation. I listen to these affirmations on YouTube. I sit back and close my eyes. I take a few deep breaths. I heed to every single word on these affirmations. I sometimes… Continue reading Using Positive Affirmations as a Purpose of Meditation