Life of Coloring

  Coloring is a direction to bring creativity to a relaxing state. When you color it soothes the mind. Relaxed you in such a perfect manner. Coloring can be that relaxing escape. Bringing that good feeling of coloring inside the lines of an art. It's good fun for all ages.  Creativity can be honorable, and… Continue reading Life of Coloring


Art of Writing 

   The artistry of writing is like using artwork. Writing puts creativity into words. A sentence is like a horizon. When you appear at an artwork you look through writing. When you know about an artwork you have known that writing by understanding it. A writing pen is like a paintbrush. When you pick up… Continue reading Art of Writing 

My Kind of Therapy 

I apply the tools as coping skills. They're my own kind of therapy. I learned about most of them in the past. It really do help me with the aftermath of mixed feelings, stress, and anxiousness. Here are the tools which I utilize as my own therapy: 1. Art    I don't have to be… Continue reading My Kind of Therapy