A Moment of Christmas

Christmas takes on that spiritual moment. A moment that can cherish the time and knowledge. There’s that true feeling beyond the spirit of Christmas. Carrying that peace and joy all around. Letting every open hearts counts. There’s a gift for the true tenderness of mind. Letting the loving joy of Christmas rising beneath that perfect… Continue reading A Moment of Christmas


A Jolly Spirit of the Holidays

The holiday’s indeed make the joys and laughter around. Putting the jingle bells at it’s ringing of all. Making the holidays into a wonderful liveliness. Putting peace and joy to it’s shining moments. The feel of the holidays puts that true feeling into the happiness of all. Holiday oh holiday what will I do to… Continue reading A Jolly Spirit of the Holidays

My Own Version On “The Night Before Christmas”

  As the night before Christmas  in all through the house  not a noise to hear with silence all about. In that peaceful night  everyone is tucked in bed  ready for that tremendous day.  Children are ready to discover  what Santa Claus will give them.  They desired that the gifts are from their wish list. They… Continue reading My Own Version On “The Night Before Christmas”

List of Favorite Christmas Things

  1. Christmas Tree 2. Music 3. Peppermint  4. Santa Claus 5. Candy Cane 6. Presents 7. The Birth of Jesus 8. Lights 9. Hot Chocolate  10. Jingle Bells 11. Gingerbread House 12. Frosty the Snowman 13. Cookies 14. Pie 15. Reindeer 16. Classic Specials 17. Movies 18. TV Specials 19. We Wish You a… Continue reading List of Favorite Christmas Things

Christmas Playlist 

  Favorite Christmas Albums: 1. Mariah Carey - Merry Christmas & Merry Christmas II You 2. Leona Lewis - Christmas, With Love 3. Idina Menzel - Holiday Wishes 4. Jackson 5 - Ultimate Christmas Collection  5. Taylor Swift - The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection  6. Christina Aguilera - My Kind of Christmas  7. Kimberley Locke… Continue reading Christmas Playlist 

Christmas In My Own Words 

  Christmas truly is the best time of the year. It's a time for peace and joy. A time for just about bonding and true gifts. It's also to observe the birthday of Jesus. Christmas brings goodwill to that extra joy of bonding. Giving that peace everywhere on this exceptional holiday.  Christmas is not only… Continue reading Christmas In My Own Words