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A Story Beyond

  There’s a story everywhere. Everyone has a story, particularly from their own little mind. The story can be about anything at all. It’s different, probably not even the same. A story requires some strength and power to complete. A story can be discovered or heard all over. When you know about a story, a… Continue reading A Story Beyond

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Fifteen Ways to Use a Notebook

Notebooks are really respectable to use. It’s the best for writing down so many affairs. A notebook can be in good use. Sometimes a person holds an empty notebook and don’t know what to do with a empty notebook. I set down a list of ways to use a notebook. Some of them are actually… Continue reading Fifteen Ways to Use a Notebook

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Through The Puppet Strings 

She’s connected to those puppet strings. The puppet strings help she moves round. She’s merely a doll with puppet strings that was attached to her as long as she’s remembers. Her movement is like being paralyzed her whole life. The only way that can help her move around are puppet strings. Her conformation and beauty… Continue reading Through The Puppet Strings 

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Favorite Diarist 

These are four of my favorite diarist. They’re writers and I enjoy reading their books and even quotes. I also learn more about their story. They even inspired others, including me to write only about anything. Here are four of my favorite diarist:  1. Anne Frank Anne Frank’s diary was brought out after her death.… Continue reading Favorite Diarist