List of Things I Like to Watch on Netflix (June 2017)

I set down the list of ten things that I like to watch on Netflix. There's TV shows, documentaries, and movies. I'll put them down in no particular order. 1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 2. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life 3. Orange is the New Black 4. Girlboss  5. One Day at a Time… Continue reading List of Things I Like to Watch on Netflix (June 2017)


“Aubrie & Daisy” Review 

The documentary on Netflix called "Aubrie & Daisy" is about two teenage girls who were sexually assaulted and have photos linked all over. I was sad when they have to get through with this, especially when one of them have committed suicide. I was outraged when the guys who did this to them has a… Continue reading “Aubrie & Daisy” Review 

“He Named Me Malala” Review

I saw a documentary movie called "He Named Me Malala". It's about Malala's fight to send females to school then they can get an education in her hometown. Also, more about her report, including her recovery when she was shot in the head at fourteen-years-old. Every school was destroyed in her hometown due to the… Continue reading “He Named Me Malala” Review