Feeling into a power of wonders

A feeling that shall bring something to that rising moment. There’s that very minute that shall brighten up so many things in life. Life opens up that very instant. For a day ahead into that power of that thoughtful lifestyle, there’s something that shall lift up that various souls. A soul that can come up… Continue reading Feeling into a power of wonders


Life through that uniqueness in a soothing moment

[I listen to a playlist on YouTube that has all of these lovely videos created by Andreea Petcu (oceanflower1) and I listen to most of them and write down things as an inspiration. (Link at the bottom)] A uniqueness of that perfect bonding can join together in that soothing way. Feeling the need to take… Continue reading Life through that uniqueness in a soothing moment

Our thoughts affect everything we say and do 

Our thoughts take that component part of our precious mind. We apply it to open out everything that's coming out of our minds. Thoughts can bring that honesty up to the test. Reaching up to the center point of our judgments. Leading into that truthful feeling. There's so many addictions against our views. Considering that… Continue reading Our thoughts affect everything we say and do 

Empowering your life with that self-moments

Life can be about the joyousness of love. Placing yourself into that self-involving world. It can be that simpler and lighter figure for an everyday life. Challenging that self-love into a perfect start. You take that inner figure to that stability. Passing on that self-sabotaging world behind because you don't need it. You invest the… Continue reading Empowering your life with that self-moments

Moving through the path

Looking into that path and you discover something more believable. It's something that can be more into an empowering moment. You examine that path as a way to cross over into another figure. All you need is to stick with that path. It will take you from there. Every bit you begin to walk into… Continue reading Moving through the path

Morning Pages

Morning Pages are a way to just turn out your mind of thoughts go free. All you have to do is to write out three pages of anything that's on your mind. There's no need to think about what you are going to write about. You simply write out three pages, even if you have… Continue reading Morning Pages