A Journaling History 

  Journal /ˈjərnl/ noun - A daily record of news and events of a personal nature; a diary. Diary /ˈdī(ə)rē/ noun - A book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences. Journal and Diary are the exact same thing. It's a book that an individual maintains a daily record at personal… Continue reading A Journaling History 


Childhood Memories: Books

These are my favorite books in my childhood (well since my preteen years). They're all books series. Some I wished to be a component of it. Some of the books really helped me a swell deal. Some of the books were turned into movies and TV appearances. They're all really good. Here are my favorite… Continue reading Childhood Memories: Books

Favorite Diarist 

These are four of my favorite diarist. They're writers and I enjoy reading their books and even quotes. I also learn more about their story. They even inspired others, including me to write only about anything. Here are four of my favorite diarist:  1. Anne Frank Anne Frank's diary was brought out after her death.… Continue reading Favorite Diarist 

Ancestor of a Huntress 

[I wrote about a character from a TV appearance. I didn't even mention names. I can only write what's on my mind. I'll try to do some more later on.] In the past centuries she was the first huntress of the family after marriage and accepting her husband's last name. Later on, her ancestors will… Continue reading Ancestor of a Huntress