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Six of my Favorite Beauty Vloggers

I put down half a dozen of my favorite beauty vloggers. I like to view them all on YouTube a lot. They’d do other things on their videos like setups, fashion, and catches. They’d inspire everyone, including me. Here are the six beauty vloggers: 1. Dulce Candy Dulce Candy had shared so many affairs, including… Continue reading Six of my Favorite Beauty Vloggers

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Favorite YouTubers: Journal

   When I watch journals, especially “journal flip through” on YouTube it inspires me to journal more frequently. It’s decidedly more than just and inspiration. It really can help me out on what to journal about and other things. When I see journal supplies such as washi tape, gummed labels, color pens, and other things… Continue reading Favorite YouTubers: Journal

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Understanding Myself 

   For around at least a few years I’ve been performing some research reading articles, books, and watching videos on adults with autism. When I look into them it inspires me to live life to the fullest. After performing a lot of resources about autism, it makes me feel more confident about myself. When I… Continue reading Understanding Myself