Something about a notebook

There’s a little something about a notebook. In some other way, it can bring big things to nourish these thoughts out. Bringing some ideas to the table. An individual shall use a notebook to write out so many things, including thoughts and ideas. Allowing so many things out all at once. There could be some… Continue reading Something about a notebook


Journal Flip Through (February 1 – March 30)

This is the journal flip through from February 1 to March 30, 2017. It took me nearly two months to finish this journal.  On the inside cover I put my name and the dates of when I start and finish with this journal. I actually did morning pages as always. Sometimes I skipped some days… Continue reading Journal Flip Through (February 1 – March 30)

My Traveler’s Notebook 

  Last month I ordered a Traveler's notebook from Amazon. It's from a company called Sueroom. The cost of this Traveler's Notebook is $13.99. I also order some refillable paper for $9.00. There's some Traveler's Notebook that are at an affordable price. I actually love it because I can really use it for so many… Continue reading My Traveler’s Notebook 

Six of my Favorite Beauty Vloggers

I put down half a dozen of my favorite beauty vloggers. I like to view them all on YouTube a lot. They'd do other things on their videos like setups, fashion, and catches. They'd inspire everyone, including me. Here are the six beauty vloggers: 1. Dulce Candy Dulce Candy had shared so many affairs, including… Continue reading Six of my Favorite Beauty Vloggers

My Guide to Journaling 

Most of the time it's difficult to write about in my journal. A few years back, I performed some research on journal entries and other things that's related to journaling. I started to do a whole bunch, but it helps me to journal every single day. Journaling is now a piece of my life. It's… Continue reading My Guide to Journaling 

Favorite YouTubers: Journal

   When I watch journals, especially "journal flip through" on YouTube it inspires me to journal more frequently. It's decidedly more than just and inspiration. It really can help me out on what to journal about and other things. When I see journal supplies such as washi tape, gummed labels, color pens, and other things… Continue reading Favorite YouTubers: Journal

Understanding Myself 

   For around at least a few years I've been performing some research reading articles, books, and watching videos on adults with autism. When I look into them it inspires me to live life to the fullest. After performing a lot of resources about autism, it makes me feel more confident about myself. When I… Continue reading Understanding Myself