My Favorite Podcast to Listen on January 2016 – Mid. January 2017

  These are the list of my favorite podcast that I like to hear the most. I simply will put down the ones that I'll listen to from the beginning of January 2016 to the middle of January 2017. Later on I'll might put down more lists of podcasts. I listen to these podcasts in… Continue reading My Favorite Podcast to Listen on January 2016 – Mid. January 2017


My Opinion on Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go app has been released since July 6 and there's the skillful and the bad about it. It's been a week since the app has been released, the app has plenty of things beneficial and bad about it. The app is instantly the most downloaded app in July. I don't have the app,… Continue reading My Opinion on Pokemon Go

Favorite Apps on my iPad

These are my favorite apps on my iPad. I utilized them in my spare time. Most of the apps really do help me a lot. Also, there are apps that are super addictive and I can't stop using them. I enjoy using all of them and I'm sharing them all.  1. iBooks  2. Nook NOOK… Continue reading Favorite Apps on my iPad