A Journaling History 

  Journal /ˈjərnl/ noun - A daily record of news and events of a personal nature; a diary. Diary /ˈdī(ə)rē/ noun - A book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences. Journal and Diary are the exact same thing. It's a book that an individual maintains a daily record at personal… Continue reading A Journaling History 


My Top Seventeen Instagram Journalers 

These are seventeen Instagram Journalers that I like to see at their profile the most. There are some of my favorites so far.  1. Megan @tuliptube http://instagram.com/tuliptube 2. Cassandra Mae @cassandramaeisokay http://instagram.com/cassandramaeisokay 3. Erica @thenerdjournals  http://instagram.com/thenerdjournals 4. @layahsuniverse  http://instagram.com/layahsuniverse 5. Sarah @journalfrenzy  http://instagram.com/journalfrenzy 6. Amelia @hamiljournals  http://instagram.com/hamiljournals 7. Raegan Lee @journal_addict2  http://instagram.com/journal_addict2 8. @wildflowerjournals  http://instagram.com/wildflowerjournals… Continue reading My Top Seventeen Instagram Journalers