Focusing on the positive things in life

Our minds shall take some serious thinking. Bringing that focused power into a thoughtful statement. In our precious souls, we shall make our lives more focus. Letting that empowerment shines among us. Placing it into an achievement through ourselves. These sentiments in our head can rein into a focus mode. It might help us to… Continue reading Focusing on the positive things in life


Cherish Life

Cherish the life entirely around. Hoping for that much better start. Encourage yourself to spare the moment. Respect the joy of wonders. In that perfect little mind there’s a little piece of something that’s going with. Seeing it as that special feeling of life. Having that cherished moment of the lifetime. Life takes its cherishing… Continue reading Cherish Life

Bringing in the New Year

The new year will arrive pretty soon. We’d now going to enjoy these final days for the year. Looking back that year has some good and bad times. In the meantime, it doesn’t matter. There will always be those moments of the year to cherish most. The new year is like opening up a book.… Continue reading Bringing in the New Year

End of Year Journal Tag

Earlier I watched some videos on YouTube on “end of the year journal tag”. The videos show the journals that were used in 2017. Also, there are current journals, favorites, and blank journals. I decided to post about the journals that I used in 2017. This is the current journal that I’m using. I’ve used… Continue reading End of Year Journal Tag

For the Love of Autumn

  Autumn has the beauty to look upon a picture perfect scene. Viewing the leaves falling off the trees, leaving the trees naked and still beautiful. The leaves are changing into beautiful fall colors. Breeze feeling like a mortal. Autumn can the world go bright with those lovely colors. The colors of Autumn make everything… Continue reading For the Love of Autumn

She’ll Never Forget That True Friend (Inspire by a We Heart It collection)

[This is a short fictional story inspire by a accumulation from the app We Heart It. Here's the connection to that collection: ] She has that true friend that was perpetually on her side. They'd been friends for a long time. It feels like they were conjoined by the hip. They are inseparable and… Continue reading She’ll Never Forget That True Friend (Inspire by a We Heart It collection)