A beautiful dream arises in visualization

There's beautiful things in life. There's a dream that is formed of a fantasy world. A life can be beautiful with a dream. Seeing it like thin air. Looking at attracting things that can be abundant. Counting the blessings altogether. Is like watching it in that different versions of life. A beautiful dream can make… Continue reading A beautiful dream arises in visualization

Picking up an inner guidance throughout life

A true guide to that inner feeling has a voice of natural process. Addressing up to that point of view throughout life. There's a lesson that can tell us the facts about our actual selves. Through it all we can tell ourselves "what's right for us" and we can think about so many opportunities to… Continue reading Picking up an inner guidance throughout life

The healing power of gratitude

  A de-stressor takes a part of calmness through the body and brain. Something that's powerful to say and writing it down. It can be like putting down goals. Bringing it into that powerful standard. Passing it through that peaceful state.  It can bring that healing sensation. Sensing the need to soothe like listening to… Continue reading The healing power of gratitude

A life to fulfilled throughout every second at a time

There's that knowledge on fitting in with our genuine selves. Courage brings us daily matters through our judgments. We can remind ourselves, who we truly believe in. Believing in that point of life can be a part of out daily values. We're taking matters into our own hands!  We can think about the things that… Continue reading A life to fulfilled throughout every second at a time

Tears can flow away through your soul

There’s a life with some tears of pleasure. Showing in with that sad, tender relief. You cry your tears away with a sudden joy. There’s actually others that don’t deserve your tears. You kept these tears to yourself. Hidden these tears so no one won’t take hold of them.  There can be some comfort beside… Continue reading Tears can flow away through your soul

A dream and a prayer

A prayer that awakens the internal circle of a dream. Carried a full life beyond a person’s thoughts. There’s that power to entitled so many affairs. Finding it hard to believe? Looking beyond some truthful tale beyond it. Putting that mind of honesty through that thinking point.  Beyond a prayer that can put some hopes… Continue reading A dream and a prayer