A Different form of Fancy

Fancy comes in so many different varieties. It can be looked at as an ornamental pattern. A perfect impression shall live up that fancy piece. Living beyond these true colors. Experiencing it on that brighter side. An easy impression shall take it upon a fancy moment. Feeling like there’s a unique party going on. Looking… Continue reading A Different form of Fancy


Cheerful of Passion

There’s that cheerful moment when a powerful soul shall live beyond greater things. Putting that joy of happiness into the honest feeling of passion. Bringing it forward to a whole new start. Experiencing it with a smile on that precious face. A happy moment will start with some positive ideas. Seeing that brightest feeling shine… Continue reading Cheerful of Passion

The Rise of Freedom

Freedom takes a free moment into a substantial victory. Being in the identical society. Life can be sated with a very unique freedom. An amazing moment with freedom in it shall put that joy of happiness into a whole new meaning. Feeling like that a person can be in-control of their actual selves. There’s a… Continue reading The Rise of Freedom

Humanity Facts

In our humanity, there’s a creature that’s invisibility stand with us. Bring something a lot more positive for us. Cherishing the true faith in our own human way. The idealistic view takes a liberating cause through humanity. A progressive force will overcome our precious way. Looking beyond our point of view. We shall help our… Continue reading Humanity Facts

Random Thoughts: Open-Minded, Paths & Special Moments

Life shall go through these open doors. Awaiting for a creative side to choose from. Feeling like being at a perfect standstill. Something beyond these true words that can genuinely stand out. Seeing art from your mind. You visualize art in that genuine statement. Considering it as a creative view. There’s that character that brings… Continue reading Random Thoughts: Open-Minded, Paths & Special Moments

Random Thoughts: A Moment of All

A moment in life shall look upon these magical moments. Feeling like there’s a perfect twist to go with that. At that stage of life, there’s some intensity. Letting it flow through the mind. It can be seen as that perfect stand-by. Things in that empowerment can bring up a little something among those greatest… Continue reading Random Thoughts: A Moment of All