Something about a notebook

There’s a little something about a notebook. In some other way, it can bring big things to nourish these thoughts out. Bringing some ideas to the table. An individual shall use a notebook to write out so many things, including thoughts and ideas. Allowing so many things out all at once. There could be some… Continue reading Something about a notebook


Words that can flow by writing

There’s words that can flow. Flow by writing it down on a piece of paper. Words that comes from the mind. Taking more or less power into that next phase of life. Life takes that stream of consciousness into the power of words. Having these thoughts in a person’s mind that can simply flow. They… Continue reading Words that can flow by writing

A pen is mightier to write

You discovered a gorgeous pen. A pen that will be used to write down so many things. It's the pen that's mightier. Mightier to write on a sheet of paper.  You can utilize the pen as part of journaling.  It's a great way to jot down notes. A pen is permanent and will not be… Continue reading A pen is mightier to write

Fifteen Ways to Use a Notebook

Notebooks are really respectable to use. It's the best for writing down so many affairs. A notebook can be in good use. Sometimes a person holds an empty notebook and don't know what to do with a empty notebook. I set down a list of ways to use a notebook. Some of them are actually… Continue reading Fifteen Ways to Use a Notebook

My Traveler’s Notebook 

  Last month I ordered a Traveler's notebook from Amazon. It's from a company called Sueroom. The cost of this Traveler's Notebook is $13.99. I also order some refillable paper for $9.00. There's some Traveler's Notebook that are at an affordable price. I actually love it because I can really use it for so many… Continue reading My Traveler’s Notebook 

A Recipe for Writing

Writing comes from many different facets of life. Writing builds more in many ways. Writing is more than simply freedom. There's a formula for writing. It's kind of like fixing to fix something and you're reading the recipe. The recipe for writing is a way of pulling together the things that you need in order… Continue reading A Recipe for Writing

Favorite Characters Who Writes in a Diary, Journal, and Carried a Notebook 

1. Ginger Foutley (As Told by Ginger)    Ginger is my favorite character on the show. She narrates by the use of her diary. She mostly wrote in her diary at home and sometimes in places like for an example: In the episode "Stealing First" Ginger wrote in her diary on the way back home… Continue reading Favorite Characters Who Writes in a Diary, Journal, and Carried a Notebook