The sun and moon awakened

  The sun calls for that sunset moment on that loving evening. Awaiting patiently for the moon to wake up. As soon as the moon starting to arise up and begin to shine up the night sky the sun will die down into that deep sleep. The moon shines up the night. The stars will… Continue reading The sun and moon awakened


A picture tells a story about shiny stars

There's a picture of the stars shine up the darkness. It can distinguish a story beyond that picture. The stars had to shine up the darkness to bring some illumination into the darkness. The darkness is just totally dark. Facing up the shiny stars will guide you whatever you please.  The shining stars can bring… Continue reading A picture tells a story about shiny stars

Stars in the Night Sky

Stars in the night sky have that picture perfect view through that pattern. Taking so many of them lighten up the dark sky like sparkling dots. As the night goes by, you can see a shooting star. Raging that point of view in just a mindset of that perfect time. Seeing the stars is like… Continue reading Stars in the Night Sky