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A Story Beyond

  There’s a story everywhere. Everyone has a story, particularly from their own little mind. The story can be about anything at all. It’s different, probably not even the same. A story requires some strength and power to complete. A story can be discovered or heard all over. When you know about a story, a… Continue reading A Story Beyond

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The Soul of Sleeping Beauty

[Inspired by a “We Heart It collection: ] She owns a soul of beauty in her sleep. She sleeps peacefully through a relaxing feature. She has a soul of peace in her sleep. A beautiful dream has emerged while she’s fast asleep. Her aspiration is more peaceful like it’s real life. She brings that… Continue reading The Soul of Sleeping Beauty

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She’ll Never Forget That True Friend (Inspire by a We Heart It collection)

[This is a short fictional story inspire by a accumulation from the app We Heart It. Here’s the connection to that collection: ] She has that true friend that was perpetually on her side. They’d been friends for a long time. It feels like they were conjoined by the hip. They are inseparable and… Continue reading She’ll Never Forget That True Friend (Inspire by a We Heart It collection)

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Beautiful & Strong 

[Inspires by scenes from one of my favorite books. I attain it into my own writing.] A beautiful, strong young woman experienced some ups and downs in the past. She knows that she wants to do something for herself. She desires to succeed in life. There’s a strong ability in her that makes her desires… Continue reading Beautiful & Strong